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DONT (Disturbing Opponents' No Trump) is a conventional defense used after an opposing 1NT opening. It sacrifices the natural penalty double in order to show all possible one- and two-suited hands.

After an opposing 1NT:

Overcall Meaning
Dbl Any one suit (5+ cards), relays to 2
2 Clubs and a higher suit (At least 4-4 in the two suits)
2 Diamonds and a higher suit
2 Hearts and a higher suit (spades)
2 5+ spades, weaker than a double followed by a 2 rebid

After hearing a double, partner is expected to bid 2, which is completely artificial. (He may, however, bypass the 2 relay and bid a very strong 6-card suit of his own.) The 2 bid allows doubler to then show his suit: he passes with clubs and bids his suit otherwise. A jump bid by either player is strong and invitational, but not forcing. A raise of doubler's suit is also invitational but not forcing.

After hearing a 2 or 2 overcall, partner usually passes with support for the bid suit; otherwise, he can bid the next-highest suit to try correcting the contract. For example:

Opp1      Overcaller   Opp2        Partner   
1NT 2! Pass 2!

The 2 bid denies support for clubs and asks for overcaller's other suit. With diamonds, overcaller passes; with a major, overcaller bids it.

A 2NT response by partner at any time is strong and forcing for one round. Depending on partnership agreement, it can be an intricate shape-asking bid, but if a simpler version of DONT is preferred, it can just show support for overcaller's suit and ask him to bid more with extra values.

See also

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