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Exit Transfers are a "runout" convention after your side has opened 1NT and the opponents double for penalty. They are similar to Jacoby Transfers, except that they allow responder to transfer to any of the four suits.

Partner Opp 1 You Opp 2
1NT X ? 

Partner Opp 1 You Opp 2
1NT Pass Pass X

After the opposing double, the conventional bids are:

Bid Meaning
Pass   Requires partner to make an artificial redouble. Shows any two-suiter (at least 4-4). After partner's redouble, the rebids are very similar to DONT overcalls:
  • Pass shows a desire to play 1NT redoubled.
  • 2 shows clubs and a higher suit. Partner can pass with club tolerance or bid 2 to fish for the higher suit.
  • 2 shows diamonds and a higher suit. Partner can pass or bid 2.
  • 2 shows hearts and a higher suit (spades). Partner can pass or bid 2.
  • 2 is not used.
XX Shows 5+ clubs. Partner must bid 2.

2 Shows 5+ diamonds. Partner must bid 2.

2 Shows 5+ hearts. Partner must bid 2.

2 Shows 5+ spades. Partner must bid 2.

2 Not used.

After the transfer is completed, it is possible to raise the suit with invitational or game-going values.

Exit transfers are fairly easy to remember, especially if you already play Jacoby transfers. As with all transfer bids, what I like about them is that they allow opener to play the hand to protect his/her tenaces.


Amalya Kearse refers to Exit Transfers in her book "Bridge Conventions Complete" but I cannot find any earlier documentation about them. I'm guessing that they originated in the United States based on their name and close relationship to Jacoby transfers.

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