Intermediate jump overcalls are more constructive than weak jump overcalls. A jump overcall at the 2-level shows a 6-card suit and 11-15 points. A jump overcall at the 3-level shows a 7-card suit and 11-15 points.

Many players consider intermediate jump overcalls to be more effective against good opponents, whereas weak jump overcalls may be more useful against bad ones.

Responder's available bids are:

2NT In response to a 2-level jump overcall, 2NT is artificial and forcing (see below).
New suit Natural, nonforcing. Usually denies 2+ cards in support.
Single raise Preemptive. Partner is expected to pass.
Double raise Natural, signoff. May be strong or preemptive.

The responses to the artificial 2NT query depend on a partnership's agreements. The Ogust set of conventional responses works well; if not playing Ogust , however, a three-level new suit can show a control (ace or king).

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