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Roman Jump Overcalls show two-suited hands at the two-level of bidding. After 1-of-a-suit, the conventional overcalls are:

Overcall Meaning
2 At least 5-5 in diamonds and hearts (the next-highest suit)
2 At least 5-5 in hearts and spades
2 At least 5-5 in spades and clubs
2NT A strong (16+ points) two-suiter with any two suits
3 At least 5-5 in clubs and diamonds
3 Same as a 2 jump overcall, assuming a 2 jump overcall was unavailable
3 Same as a 2 jump overcall, assuming a 2 jump overcall was unavailable

The strong 2NT overcall is a relay to the cheapest unbid suit. Overcaller's rebids are:

Rebid Meaning
The next-highest suit Showing that suit and the relay suit
3NT The two suits other than the relay suit


1 2NT! Pass 3!
Pass 3!Showing diamonds and hearts.

1 2NT! Pass 3!
Pass 3NT! Showing hearts and spades.

Roman Jump Overcalls can also be used over preempts, although in practice they rarely come up.

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