The support double is a double used by opener after partner makes a suit response and the next player interferes. The support double is not penalty-oriented, but shows exactly 3-card support for partner and unlimited strength. A direct raise, consequently, shows 4-card support, while any other action denies support. Examples:

Opener Opponent1 Responder Opponent2

Shows exactly 3 hearts.

Opener Opponent1 Responder Opponent2

Shows 4 hearts.

Opener Opponent1 Responder Opponent2

Shows 6+ hearts and denies as many as 3 spades. Making a support double is opener's first priority.

Responder's rebids are natural.

If the opponents' interference is in the form of a double, a redouble by opener can be used to show 3-card support. This of course is called a support redouble.

Support doubles are on through all competition up to and including 2.

See also

  • Lightner Double
    A lead-directing double of an enemy slam contract.

  • Maximal Double
    A conventional double used as a major suit game try.

  • Negative Double
    A conventional double used by responder after opener starts the bidding with one-of-a-suit and the next player makes a suit overcall.

  • Optional Double
    A conventional double made after an opponent has opened the bidding with a preempt.

  • Responsive Double
    A conventional double used when partner makes a takeout double and the next player raises his partner's suit.

  • Snapdragon Double
    A conventional double by fourth seat after the first three players bid three different suits.

  • SOS Redouble
    A conventional redouble that asks partner to bid a new suit.

  • Stripe-Tailed Ape Double
    A double of an enemy game contract, in hopes of stopping the opponents from continuing on to slam.

  • Takeout Double
    A conventional double that asks partner to bid one of the unbid suits.

  • Thrump Double
    A double of a 3-level preempt asking partner to bid 3NT with a stopper.


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