Touching Escapes comprise an escape system after the opponents double your 1NT opening bid for penalty. After the double, responder bids as follows:

Pass Shows at least 4-4 in two "non-touching" suits (clubs and hearts, clubs and spades, diamonds and spades), or a hand worth a penalty redouble. Requires partner to XX.
XX Shows a one-suited hand. Requires partner to bid 2.
2 Shows at least 4-4 in clubs and diamonds. Partner can pass or correct to diamonds.
2 Shows at least 4-4 in diamonds and hearts. Partner can pass or correct to hearts.
2 Shows at least 4-4 in hearts and spades. Partner can pass or correct to spades.
2 Shows spades.

Responder's Rebids


1NT X Pass! Pass

  • Pass shows a good hand that wants to play 1NT redoubled.
  • 2 shows clubs and hearts or clubs and spades. If opener does not want to play in clubs, he can correct to 2, asking responder to pass with hearts or correct to 2.
  • 2 shows diamonds and spades. Partner can correct to spades if he wants.


1NT X XX! Pass

  • Pass shows at least five clubs.
  • 2D shows at least five diamonds.
  • 2H shows at least five hearts.
  • 2S shows at least five spades. Note that responder has two ways of showing spades; by this route or by responding 2 immediately.

With 4-3-3-3 shape, responder can either treat his four-card suit as a five-card suit, or he can treat his four-card suit and his best 3-card suit as a two-suiter.

See also

  • Brozel Escapes
    An escape system based on the Brozel convention.

  • Dig-Out
    An escape system that emphasizes 2-suiters with spades.

  • Exit Transfers
    An escape system that uses transfer bids.

  • Helvic Wriggle
    An escape system (wriggle) that includes a conventional pass and redouble, as well as "touching" suit escapes.

  • Meckwell Escapes
    An escape system used by American experts Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell.

  • Moscow Escapes
    An escape system with suit runouts very similar to the DONT convention.

  • Owen Wriggle
    An escape system (wriggle) that includes a multi-purpose forcing pass and 2 bid to show any 2-suiter.

  • Staveley Wriggle
    An escape system (wriggle) with a "multi" style 2 runout.

    An escape system by Australians Bob Sebesfi and Paul Woods.

  • Twisted SWINE
    A variation of the SWINE convention.


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