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When I have time, more categories (books, software, organizations, etc.) will be added here.

Personal Pages
A list of blogs and personal web sites.

Recommended Websites

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply
A huge selection of bridge supplies including books, software and gifts. It's the largest online bridge store that I'm aware of.

Bridge Base Inc.
Very good educational software, and free online bridge.

Bridge World
The best bridge magazine in the world.

The eBooks division of Master Point Press, offering a ton of books in both eReader and Adobe PDF format. Quite handy, especially if you have a full-color tablet like the iPad.

Fifth Chair
A not-for-profit foundation which fosters online bridge education. A great resource for beginners.

Great Bridge Links
Jude does a fine job running this very popular portal site.

Howard Schutzman's Web site
Expert and online bridge teacher on Bridge Base Online.

Marty Bergen's Web site
Leading bridge author ("Points Schmoints"), online lessons, booklets, books, cruises and more. Mention "BRIDGEBUM" when placing a book order to get 2 free softcover books when you buy 1 hardcover.

Master Point Press
The world's leading publisher of books on bridge. Based in Canada, they list their huge selection of books on a well-organized website.

Mike Lawrence's Web site
3-time world champion, bridge author, professional and teacher.

Pattaya Bridge
A bridge club website in Thailand that also has a lot of bidding convention descriptions. Includes an excellent, comprehensive online book covering No-trump bidding.

playBridge Hand Generator
A very good, easy-to-use online hand generator.

Richard Pavlicek's Web Site
The best site on the Web for pure bridge content. Unfortunately, Richard no longer updates the site but it's still a trove of information.

Shark Bridge
An iPad and iPhone application for playing bridge. Free with a lot of interesting pre-loaded hands from past tournaments.